Wednesday, June 14, 2006




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Mar Beth,

Thank you for articulating and capturing beautifully so many pieces of the trip and displaying them beautifully for us all and thereby remember His blessings over us for allowing us to share our His love and time in Ethiopia. Words cannot describe how I appreciate your sensitive and generous heart for the children! You were a blessing through your amazing gift of singing songs of worship there and now to see how you captured in words and in images Ethiopia and the children is awesome.

P.S. The image of the wings during the prayer, let’s take it to be: not about the sandals, rather the Dave from above to strengthen each one in the group for the field of serving the orphans and communities in destitutions. What do you think) kid of kidding but not really kidding)

Love you beautiful!

8/10/2006 12:38 PM  

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